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Pattaya Festival

The high-spirited Pattaya Wan Lai Festival, Songkran Flowing Day (Thai New Year) is best known for its unrestrained public water-throwing traditions, where everyone becomes a legal target for a drenching.

The fertile fields of the neighbouring provinces make for a delightful fruit festival held in May.

The increasingly popular Pattaya Marathon is held annually in July in three categories: Full Marathon (42.195 km's) Half Marathon (21.10 km's) and Quarter Marathon (10.55 km's) and is open to everyone.

One unusual event is the annual Buffalo Races held in October at Chonburi, located 40 km's north of Pattaya.

In November, The Pattaya Festival comes complete with sporting events, beauty contests, floral floats, market stalls and a plethora of carnival-like activities, exhibitions, cultural performances, plus a spectacular display of fireworks on the beach.

The Loy Krathong festival, celebrated nation-wide on the full moon night in November, pays respect to nature when Thais and tourists alike float banana-leaf "krathong" on the sea and rivers.

Wan Lai Festival  
The heat in Thailand intensifies once the month of April comes. People of old were wise enough to initiate the Songkran festival to cool themselves off from the heat and celebrate it as the Thai New Year. In the central region, the festival is usually held on the 13th, l4th and 15th of April while in the East there is a difference as the water throwing activities commence on the l6th or 17th, 18th or 19th known as "Wan Lai" (Flowing Day).
Pattaya City holds its Wan Lai festival annually on April 19th with activities such as water pouring for the elders, processions and the fun of dowsing and another with water, a time for Thais and foreigners alike.

Pattaya Festival  
usually held at the middle of April to promote tourism and Pattaya's reputation. Floral floats are paraded along the streets. The Miss Pattaya Beauty contest is held as well as traditional aquatic sports competitions and construction of sand castles. A spectacular fireworks display takes place on the beach and fire crackers are also set off. Simultaneously, there are arts and cultural performances, exhibitions and souvenirs for sale,

Chonburi Buffalo Races  
is held in Chon Buri during October every year. The water buffalo is one of the mainstays in the life of a Thai farmer, but in this annual event it is put to more amusing uses than ploughing the local fields, such as buffalo races and contests pitting buffalo and man. Beauty contests add to the fun a festival that attracts crowds from nearby seaside resorts.