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Pattaya Shopping

The shopping experience here is as diverse and fascinating as Bangkok's. Some of the popular shopping spots are the Big C, Mike's Shopping Mall, Lotus Tesco Supermarket, Foodland, Central Festival Shopping Centre the Royal Garden Plaza, home of Ripley's and also popular fast-food outlets. Central Festival Centre deserves a mention for its combination of modern shopping outlets and handicraft stalls representing most provinces in Thailand.

Central Festival Centre located on Pattaya 2 Road also has a large supermarket and several restaurants.

Gems are another big shopping item. There are first-class stores that sell a wide range of gems and jewellery to suit your budget. All the gems sold in reputable shops such as at Pattaya World Gems are covered by a quality guarantee.

The famous 24-hour tailors can be found almost everywhere and hand-made suits and dresses are created over night at bargain prices. Handicraft factories are close to Pattaya, so there are many fine examples of traditional furniture and gifts. Jewellery, silverware, Thai silk, antiques and teak handicrafts are all hallmarks of the shopping experience.

For those in search of local products such as handicraft, basketware, dried seafood, visit the following principal markets which are popular among Thai tourists. They are located outside of Pattaya city.

Ang Sila
Is a fishing village about 5 kilometers away from Chonburi. Ang Sila was one of the oldest seaside resorts. The village is famous for its stone mortars and animal sculptures, like elephants, horses and tigers. Ang Sila also has a number of seafood restaurants. On the beach, one can find villagers shucking fresh oysters. A wide variety of local handicraft are also available for sale to tourists.

Ang Sila is located in the same district as Bang Saen Beach.

Nong Mon Market
This market is famous for Chonburi's local handicrafts and souvenirs about is about 1 kilometer from the junction leading to Bang Saen. Among its well-known buys are the many types of dried seafood, kao lam or gluttonous rice baked in bamboo, hormok (spicy steamed fish cakes) hoi-jor (deep fried shrimp cakes), sweetened-banana and taro chips. sweetened-fruit preserves. You can also purchase rattan and bamboo basketware from Panatnikom, a district known for its unique and intricate weaving techniques.

Nong Mon Market is located in the same district as Bang Saen Beach.

Basketware Village
Located at Mu 1-11, Tambon Railakthong but mostly a Mu 10 in the vicinity of Wat Kohkaew Klong Luang, about 4 kilometers from the district along the Panamnikom-Chacheongsao Road and continuing right for another 4 kilometers.

Bamboo is woven into objects such as ladies's handbags, baskets, betel nut sets, etc. in various colors and designs. They can be purchased at stalls behind the Municipal Daily Market (Talad Kao).