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is Thailand's largest island and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. This island is rich in natural resources and has the perfect weather for agriculture while providing colorful tropical vistas. The terrain is varied supporting a variety of plants and animals, addition to agricultural.

output, this island has a long history of tin mining and production. 
Phuket is 540 sq. km and it is also its own province. This province is the wealthiest area in the KingdomThe island is separated from the mainland by a narrow sea channel and bridge has connected the mainland and the island for a long time.

The island is separated from the mainland by a narrow sea channel and bridge has connected the mainland and the island for a long time. This access from the mainland has increased the popularity and vehicular traffic on the island. There are long beautiful sandy beaches, rocky coast lines and large limestone cliffs facing the ocean. The interior of the island has hills and lush level areas booming with tropical plant life of all varieties. There are more geographic variations on Phuket than on any other island in Thailand.

European settlers arrived on Phuket in the 16th Century. The Dutch pearl traders were searching the area for new and different supplies of pearls. Additionally a huge source of tin was discovered and it became well known for tin production.

Phuket Town is the main city. In the 19th century the island's vast tin resources attracted a number of Chinese immigrants. The sea.

worthy Portuguese settled here to transport the tin to other ports. A combination of the Portuguese and Chinese backgrounds has given this island a culture of its own. There is still a strong Chinese influence in this wealthy city. The agricultural products, rubber and seafood, along with tin have all contributed to the general wealth of Phuket.

The Thai and Chinese were the original inhabitants of Phuket. fake tag heuer watches They lived simply from the sea and the land. The shores were visited by wandering Indonesian fishermen settling for short periods of time. The arrival of the European settlers brought traditions of their own. This combination of natives, sea gypsies and Europeans evolved into its own special blend. Phuket today has maintained this distinct culture of its own.
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